Emergency Information
Someone is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the time of year or status of classes. We can be reached for emergencies on our radio telephone (9999 or from off campus, 352-9999). Our
email address is campus.security@wartburg.edu.

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Student Parking Areas

B Lot – Registered student parking only. Located at the corner of 12th Street and Wilson Avenue. Assigned by class seniority.

C Lot – Registered student parking only. Located at the northwest corner of 12th Street and Fifth Avenue. Assigned by class seniority.

D Lot – Registered students and temporary student parking. Located on Fifth Avenue between 13th Street and Hertel Field.  D Lot is also the designated parking lot for unregistered vehicles pending registration and for registered visitors.

N Lot – Registered student parking only. Located north of Fifth Avenue and to the east and north of Knights Village. Assigned by seniority and by need.

Temporary Permits. Temporary permits are available for a period not to exceed three weeks without a specific exception approved by the Director of Campus Security & Safety. If the student already has a vehicle registered for the academic year, there is no charge for a temporary permit in their assigned parking lot. Other temporary parking permits are dated and are ordinarily for D Lot only.

Commuter Parking. Commuters may park in F Lot, A Lot, O Lot, and the city streets surrounding campus.

Motorcycle Parking. Motorcycles must be registered and parked in designated motorcycle parking only, unless the student is a registered commuting student.

2021-22 Parking Fees:

Lot B $220

Lot C $235

Lot D $110

Lot N $310

Commuter $50

Late registration fee $50

All but commuter fees are prorated if student brings or removes a vehicle during the course of the year.