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The Juice (Students) - Parking Registration - June 21


Avoid D Lot next year, sign up now — Register for next year's parking now! Click here, or log into InfoCenter, click on “Offices” then “Parking Registration.” After June 30, you’ll have to register in person in the Security Office and incur a $25 late registration fee in addition to the regular registration fee. Any student enrolled in any classes must register any vehicle they bring to campus or to the parking enforcement area, regardless of the duration. If you want a parking lot other than D Lot, you should register now. If you are bringing the car you currently have registered, select the “load existing registration” option. If you registered correctly, you’ll receive a confirmation email. If you have any other questions, contact Campus Security.

We have always filled the paved parking lots during the online registration period. Anybody registering after June 30 will be assigned to D Lot and will have to request to be put on a waiting list for vacancies in the paved lots. Lots are filled by seniority, and not all on the waiting list get the opportunity to move out of D Lot. 

Top Five Reasons to Register Online Before June 30:

     5. You'll have one less thing to do in September.

     4. Registering online takes seconds. Registering in September in the security office takes minutes.

     3. Avoid late registration fee of $25.

     2. You get a ticket voucher good to pay for one ticket.

     1. Maximize your chances to be assigned to the parking lot of your choice. 


Answers to FAQs:

  • I'm not sure I'll have a car, or I plan to purchase a new car over the summer: Register the car you currently have or a family vehicle. You can always change the registration later.
  • What if I register a car now and then don't bring a car after all? If you decide not to bring a car, it is easier to remove the registration than it is to register in September if you do decide to bring a car. To de-register, just return the parking decal.
  • What if I'm living off-campus? Living off-campus doesn’t relieve you of the responsibility to register your vehicle. If you park your car on the streets surrounding campus or park in the commuter parking lots, you’ll be ticketed if you don’t have a current registration. Depending on where you were parked, fines range between $20 and $30 per ticket.
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