Student Employee Supervisor Resources
Steps to Hiring Student Employees:
1. Review the job description for the positions available and provide the Student Employment Office (SEO) with the most up-to-date job description.
2. Complete the Knightlink Posting Form - noting specific hiring needs, position responsibilities, and qualifications - and submit it to the SEO. The SEO will post your ad on Knightlink, Wartburg's online job board, for your department. Supervisors can also inquire with the SEO to have your ad posted to other media outlets, such as in the Juice and on social media.
3. Students may review and apply for position openings via Knightlink. Students will complete a generic application, which is then sent to the student's personal e-mail inbox after they submit it. The students are then responsible for forwarded the application and any other requested materials to the specific supervisor(s) of the position(s) in which they are applying. Supervisor contact information is listed on the ads on Knightlink. Upon receiving applications, supervisors should respond in a timely manner to the applicants and inform them of their department's hiring procedures.
4. Review applications and interview the applicants - either via phone or in person.
5. Upon making a decision of hire, contact all applicants to inform them of your decision to hire them or if the position has been filled by another applicant.
6. For new hires, discuss with them a suitable work schedule and remind them to complete their required student employment forms, if they have not already done so.
7. Complete and submit an Automated Hire Request Form to the SEO for all new hires. Please note that all hire requests must be submitted to the SEO four business days prior to the employees' start date. The SEO will notify your department and the student if the student has not completed their student employment eligibility forms.
8. Notify the SEO that your positions have been filled and your ad on Knightlink can be removed.
9. Utilize the New Student Employee Orientation Checklist to help your new hires become more acquainted with your department and their job on their first few days of work.