Security Staff
The administrative office responsible for safety and security is Campus Security. Campus Security includes a director, four full-time employees, and seven part-time employees. The director reports to the Vice President for Student Life for security- and safety-related matters. Campus Security staff are not sworn or commissioned law enforcement officers. They do not carry weapons. With the exception of the director, all on-duty personnel wear a distinctive security uniform. They provide basic security services to the campus community, and are on duty 24 hours a day. Members of the Campus Security staff attend training programs specifically designed for security personnel.

Campus Security has a close working relationship with the Waverly Police Department. All major crimes (felonies) are reported to the Waverly Police Department, which then assumes responsibility for any investigation that may be necessary.

The Wartburg College Campus Security Office is located in Room 156 of the Saemann Student Center. The administrative phone number is 319-352-8372. Security staff members are in continual radio contact with the campus operator at the Saemann Student Center Information Desk. Any criminal incidents, emergencies, or other suspicious behavior may be reported by calling the Campus Security radio extension at 9999. Calls may be made directly to the Waverly Police Department by dialing 911 (dial 9-911 from an on-campus phone). All security matters should be reported to the Campus Security Office, including any updates or actions taken.

Students and employees may also report criminal offenses to the Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students, the Vice President for Administration, hall directors, RAs, coaches, and faculty and staff advisers to student groups.

General services provided by Campus Security are walking and vehicle patrols, response to criminal and non-criminal incidents, and administrative transportation to hospitals and clinics. Security officers make routine patrols of the campus, including lounge areas, and outside perimeter checks of residence halls. They also monitor the boiler/mechanical room of each building and check for any potential problems, including carbon monoxide. Each residential building is equipped with a building alarm system for fire/smoke and carbon monoxide. If a fire is discovered or suspected, evacuate the building and then contact Campus Security immediately by dialing 9999 or the Waverly Fire Department by calling 9-911.

Campus Security makes, keeps, and maintains a daily log of reported crimes written in a form that is easily understood. The log is available to the public for inspection in the Campus Security Office. The daily log provides the nature, date, time, and general location of each crime. Additionally, the disposition of the complaint is given, if known. Information, including updates, is added within two business days after the information becomes available.

John B. Myers, III
Security and Safety Director

Susan Lenius
Security and Safety Secretary

Alan Benning

Dean Cockerham

Vivian Green

Nicole Hartwig

Steve Hicks

Bernard Holland

Cyril Klein

Ted Lanske

Mike Lavenz

Van Moreau

Judy Rinnels

George Suter

Laurie Winters