igKnight Mentoring

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Office Staff

Veronica Reece
Pathways Assistant Director - Advising, Vocation, Mentoring, and Careers

At Wartburg College mentoring is a voluntary, mutually-beneficial journey two individuals take together to reflect on previous experiences, learn about themselves, and pursue their potential.  Although the mentor typically imparts wisdom and knowledge, and the mentee studies and discovers, both collaborate and make meaning through consideration of their passions, skills, interests, and values in pursuit of their own individual callings.

Mentoring Activities

Discovering Yourself

Finding Yourself
Find Your Passion
How to Identify Your Strengths
What are Your Values?

Evaluating Partnerships

Annual Mentoring Evaluation - Mentee
Annual Mentoring Evaluation - Mentor
Final Mentoring Review
Quarterly and Semi-Annual Review

Personal and Professional Development

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

Get to Know You

Establishing Mentoring Expectations
First Meeting Agenda
Getting to Know One Another
Mentoring Agreement Form
The Self Reflective Matrix
Who I Am


Activites for Mentors
Meeting Agenda
Mentoring Worksheet
20 Ways to Thank a Mentor