Volunteer Action Center: Student Resources
The Volunteer Action Center is a student-run organization that is committed to inspiring students to form a lasting bond with the communities in their lives, while learning and living out the value and importance of serving others.
Volunteer Opportunities
Each semester the VAC receives many requests from community members and non-profits who are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please contact vac@wartburg.edu for more information. 
  • Childcare assistant 
    Childcare assistants and/or substitute for in-home child care. Substitute and assistants must pass a DHS background check. Substitutes must also be CPR and 1st Aid certified; but the organization can help reimburse the cost of classes if they are needed.
  • Iowa College AmeriCorps Program (ICAP) was created to increase levels of volunteerism among college students in Iowa as part of their academic experience, while engaging them in their local campus community. Members help meet the greatest needs in their local campus community by volunteering 300 hours of service during an academic year. Upon successful completion of service ICAP members receive a $1,132 Education Award. For more information visit the ICAP website.
  • Working with Elderly
    There is an ongoing need for volunteers from 10 am-12 pm on Saturdays at Bartels.  They would like to have a few volunteers to come give manicures to the residents.  If you are interested please contact the VAC at 

To request the assistance of Wartburg student volunteers please complete the Community Partner Volunteer Request Form.  A staff member from the Volunteer Action Center will follow-up with you within 24 hours. Questions may be directed to vac@wartburg.edu or 352-8641.

Need help finding a volunteer opportunity?

To request the assistance of the VAC in helping you find a volunteer opportunity please complete the Student Volunteer Placement Request Form. A staff member from the Volunteer Action Center will follow-up with you within 24 hours.

Volunteer Databases
Please log in to Wartburg's Knight Link or the United Way database to search for additional opportunities or sites that might not be listed above.  
Cans for a Cause
Cans for a cause is a program that gives student organizations around Wartburg College an opportunity to help with campus sustainability while earning money for their organization.  Student groups volunteer to collect redeemable cans from around campus, in return the student organization will receive the deposits from the cans.

When does collection occur?
  • Currently, collection is set to occur on Sunday nights.
How many volunteers do we need to have  available?
  • At minimum you will need 2 trained volunteers at each night of collection. The more volunteers you can provide the quicker the collection goes!
When do we get our money?
  • There is a delay in time from when you collect to when you get paid. Money will be deposited in to your student account the month after collection occurs.
On average how much does a student group make?
  • Depending on the time of year student groups can expect to around $100. If you help collect/sort cans at the end of a semester prior to break, you can expect to make $150-200+
How does our student organization get involved?
  • Email vac@wartburg.edu with the month you are interested in collecting. Attend a training, and start earning money!
Report Hours
The VAC recognizes that there are many student volunteer hours that go undocumented each year. In order for us to capture the most accurate estimate of how many volunteer hours Wartburg students give in a year we need your help!

Whether you volunteered by yourself, with a team, or another student group, please let us know what you did! This information is utilized by the Center for Community Engagement when applying for national awards like the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

  • Student Volunteer Hours Report Form
    Please use this form to report any volunteer projects you, your athletic team or your student group (student organization, Res Hall Floor, etc) has organized or responded to. Any service participated in as an organized activity of the Volunteer Action Center (VAC), i.e. MLK Day, or a service-learning class does not need to be reported on this form. Questions may be directed to vac@wartburg.edu or x8641.