Wartburg Residential Life

We are excited to have you join the Wartburg College Community!
Find out what you need to know about moving in, getting adjusted to living on campus, who is here to help, and how to make Wartburg your new home.

Residence Life guide to living on campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Assignments

New incoming students will complete a housing application online and indicate hall and roommate preferences as part of their SOAR checklist. Housing assignments are based on two factors:  the date the $275 enrollment is received and living-environment preferences. 

All incoming students are assigned a roommate or roommates.  The Office of Residential Life uses preferences on the housing application card to match students with compatible interests and lifestyles.  Students who wish to live with a specific person should note this request on the housing card.  The request must be mutual in order to be granted.  We suggest that friends from the same high school or siblings not room together.  Students are notified of their housing assignments in late July or early August. 

Check out Floor Plans for your Room

New students will be asked to sign the Housing and Dinning Contract when they arrive to campus.

New students who are participating in the Scholars program live in Clinton hall as part of the living-learning community during the first year. 

Room Furnishings

The college supplies a bed, dresser, desk, and chair for each student, as well as blinds and a closet in each room. The rooms in Clinton Hall and the Centennial Complex are not carpeted. The college’s furnishings must remain in the assigned room.

Wifi and cable television are available for each student room.  Wartburg contracts with Mediacom for digital TV. Students who do not have an HDTV can check out a converter box from their hall’s office.

Each residence hall provides study lounges, recreation areas with cable TV and vending machines, and laundry rooms. Laundry services are free for students.

Loft Standards

Linen Program


Radios, stereos, desk lamps, televisions, and other small appliances are permitted, provided the equipment is kept in safe operating condition. Energy star appliances are encouraged. Irons and coffee pots are permitted, however, all other appliances with open heat sources are prohibited.

Microwave Ovens: must not exceed 1.5 cubic-foot capacity or more than 750 watts. Microwaves must be plugged either directly into the wall outlet or into a UL-approved three-prong grounded extension cord containing its own fuse.

Refrigerators: must not exceed 5 cubic feet or 1.5amps. Refrigerators must be plugged directly into the wall outlet or into a UL-approved three-prong grounded extension cord containing its own fuse. Should be kept in open view and not placed in a closet or other enclosure that restricts adequate ventilation.