Dining Services: Long-Term Management Training Internship Program

Dining Services offers a management training internship program that involves increasing responsibility based on the participants' interest and spans three years. The purpose of this program is to immerse students in an all encompassing business so they can see all aspects, from daily operations to being involved in long term goal setting, and learning the long term implications of daily activities and decisions.

The program is open to sophomore business management students. The student must be in and maintain good academic standing. Level of responsibility will be progressive, so that by the end of the senior year, the student will know how to manage an operation autonomously. Work responsibilities each semester will change based on the students' success in an area and current career interest. The goal of the program is to prepare students for careers in business that require a high level of responsibility and authority. Previous work in dining services would be helpful but is not mandatory.

Sample semester schedule is below. This is just an example to show the span of responsibility, and each student's program will be custom designed.

Semester 1:           Work as a dining service assistant, rotating through several departments during the semester, including food court and retail dining.

Semester 2:           Help with inventory and receiving, and menu planning. Work in the Mensa production and bakery areas, and work in production of retail food.

Semester 3:           Student manager at the Zesty Orange, with special project related to marketing and business analysis. Evaluate menu items, sales, and contribution margins. Make pricing and new menu item recommendations. Develop proposals for operational changes and implement change.

Semester 4:           Student manager in Mensa, with sole responsibility for meal periods and involvement in hiring and training new students, and staff scheduling.  Conduct high school staff employee meetings.

Semester 5:           Special project work to develop and implement a new food court concept in Mensa. Conduct student manager meetings.

Semester 6:           Manage and direct the new concept, making changes in policies and procedures as needed.

What we expect of the student:

  • Minimum 12 hours per week of work. Maximum of 20 hours per week of work
  • The student will not be able to have other jobs at the same time.
  • Commitment to work hard and learn new things, and to stay with the program. Be willing to develop rapport with different supervisors. General ability to be self-directed
  • Open mindedness and willing to accept direction and constructive redirection.
  • What the student can expect from us:
  • The student will be treated as a member of the management team.
  • A wide venue to develop people skills, knowledge of all aspects of business and business systems.
  • The student and the director of dining services will determine the path the progressive responsibility takes. Managers and coordinators of the various areas will provide supervision and direction on a daily basis and conduct performance appraisals during each experience. A team approach will be used to maximize growth and learning.
  • Application Process:
  • Submit a resume and letter of application with two references by April 15, 2010. Interviews will be conducted.
  • Work with director to plan position responsibility for the first semester before May term is over.  Position starts fall 10.