The Peer Learning Lab is a free, collaborative peer-to-peer learning service available to all Wartburg students to help improve their writing, speaking, mathematical, reading, and critical thinking skills. Our specially-trained peer consultants can help you at any stage of the process.

For the time being, both Math Lab and the WRSL have moved online. The same wonderful, specially-trained peer consultants are sitting by their computers at home, waiting for you to join them.

If you are in a math course, you should have received an email invitation to join Discord (and download the app) – there you will find a chatroom for each specific math course, with the option to also video chat. The chatrooms are open 24/7, so we strongly encourage that you also use this space to collaborate with your classmates. The math lab consultants will be online Monday-Thursdays 1-4 p.m. to help you find strategies and problem-solve! 

For the WRSL, you will still schedule through the link below. Your 30-minute appointment will be via Zoom. You will receive an email invite for Zoom from your WRSL consultant, and at the time of your appointment you simply meet up via Zoom. The WRSL consultant will ask you to share your screen, so that they can see the paper you are working on. From there, it proceeds like a regular WRSL appointment. We look forward to seeing you in Zoom! 

Philosophy Statement

The Peer Learning Lab is dedicated to helping students:

  • Learn in a peer-led, comfortable, and confidential environment
  • Use resources (guided learning)
  • Focus on long-term learning (content and concept knowledge)
  • Utilize visual strategies as an alternative learning technique
  • Experience a variety of problem solving strategies and learning tools
  • Develop critical-thinking & reasoning skills
  • Make math relevant
  • Build relationships

Staff: Jette Irgens, Pathways Center Assistant Director
Work in the Peer Learning Lab: Submit an Application

Academic, Career & Study Strategies
We can help you with your resume, class scheduling, time management, and study strategies for success.

Resources: Academic Success Resources

Schedule an Appointment

Call (319) 352-8615
or schedule online

Math Assistance

Online Hours: Mondays-Thursdays 1-4 p.m.

Resources:  Kahn Academy

Supported Mathematics Courses:

  • MA 90 - Intermediate Mathematics
  • MA 106 - Mathematics in Modern Society
  • MA 107 - Finite Mathematics
  • MA 110 - Structures of Mathematics I
  • MA 190 - Precalculus
  • MA 214 - Statistical Methods
  • MA 250 - Applied Calculus
  • MA 251 - Foundational Differential Calculus
  • MA 252 - Foundational Integral Calculus
  • CS 120 - Intro. to Computers and Programming