Mentoring Programs
Given that our institution is dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and vibrant mentoring community, Wartburg College provides a few mentoring programs that allow students, staff, and faculty to grow as they lead and serve in their roles.  Below is some information on a few of the mentoring programs we offer, as well as contact information to get connected with one or more of these programs as a mentor or a mentee.

igKnight Mentoring Program

The igKnight Mentoring Program, formerly known as the College Achievement Program, is a peer mentoring program for Wartburg students. igKnight focuses on the concept of mentoring (intentional one-on-one relationships that foster growth in individuals) students wherever they are in their college experience.  Although a majority of the program focuses on mentoring first-year students on college success, anyone can join the program at any point and be assigned an igKnight Mentor.  igKnight Mentors are trained to assist students with their academic, personal, and professional goals and are incredibly beneficial to students when it comes to vocational exploration. Additionally, participants (both mentors and mentees) experience the benefits of a true mentoring relationship so that they can continue being mentored and give back as a mentor themselves in the future. For information on this program, contact Veronica Reece.

Faculty Mentoring Program

Full-time faculty members that wish to be reappointed, promoted, or have their contract renewed must prepare a Professional Portfolio that documents their performance and professional goals. Therefore, full-time faculty members have the option of having a mentor that will provide support, guidance, and feedback preparing their portfolio.  This particular program is specifically designed for faculty and participation is optional. In addition to helping full-time faculty develop their professional documentation, a mentor in this program can also offer general support and guidance in his or her professional development and vocation as a teacher, scholar, and faculty citizen. For more information on this program, faculty members should contact the chair of their department or the Dean of the Faculty’s office.

Faculty-Athletics Mentoring Program

Every athletic team at Wartburg has a faculty mentor who supports their team's athletes on and off the playing field. Faculty mentors take part in attending practices, competitive events, team meetings, get-togethers, and team service opportunities, in addition to meeting with the coach regularly. The level of participation from mentors varies, however all faculty members serve as a resource for coaches and athletes. The Faculty-Athletics Mentoring Program is yet another way in which Wartburg students obtain support, guidance, and direction through mentoring practices. The program is sponsored by the Wartburg Athletic Department and the Student Advisory Committee. For more information on this program, individuals should contact the Athletic Department directly.

Spiritual Life Peer Helpers

Each year, the Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry office provides training and support to Wartburg students who have been nominated by faculty and staff to be part of the Peer Helpers program. These Peer Helpers are equipped to walk alongside their peers as they deal with the everyday joys and challenges they may face during their time hear at Wartburg.  The Peer Helper program aims to build a deeper, broader, and more supportive mentoring community. Given Wartburg's inclusive community of faith, students of all traditions and backgrounds are encouraged to reach out a Peer Helper when they need extra support or a listening ear. Form more information on this program, contact Pastor Brian Beckstrom at brian.beckstrom@wartburg.edu.

Staff Mentoring Program

The Staff Mentoring Program is a one-on-one mentoring program designed to partner experienced staff members with new staff members in an effort to help introduce newcomers to Wartburg College and assist with their transition into their new role and the campus culture. These relationships provide opportunities for ongoing dialogue about the institution, as well as a safe space to discuss one’s personal and professional goals. Vocational exploration is heavily emphasized throughout this year-long program. The Staff Mentoring Program is administered by Human Resources & Payroll and the Pathways Center. For more information on this program, contact Veronica Reece.