Mentor Information
An Exciting Opportunity for Mentors

One of the main goals of Wartburg's Strategic Plan is to nurture an inclusive and vibrant mentoring community.  Faculty, staff, students, alums are working hard to create a welcoming campus climate, develop cultural competence as a dimension of living and learning, and expand mentoring programs for all.  

Mentoring has always been a central part of the Wartburg experience.  Through programs offered here, students will have structured opportunities to connect with alumni, faculty, and staff to build and develop mentoring relationships.  The college seeks to provide encouraging, supportive, and guiding relationships that encourage mentees to think critically about what they hope to accomplish--at Wartburg and beyond.

We are confident that every mentor has their own stories of how someone supported them in the pursuit of their own personal and professional goals, whether through sound advice from a faculty member, coach, supervisor, and/or colleague.  Success in personal and professional life requires skills beyond the realm of day-to-day, on-the-job experience.  Leaders in all fields must possess clarity of purpose (vocation), integrity and commitment, and must be effective communicators.  As a mentor, you can help mentees develop essential leadership skills and better articulate their personal and professional goals.

Mentoring is an exciting opportunity to bring people together, to learn form one another, to network, to grow, and to develop personal and professional skills.  Whether you are new to mentoring or an expert, we are thankful for your commitment to the next generation of Wartburg graduates.  We encourage you to invite others--including alumni--to mentor and share their experiences with our students as well.  If you want to learn more about how to be an effective mentor and/or about mentoring in general, view some of the information listed below and look through our mentoring website on InfoCenter.  Otherwise, contact Veronica Reece, Pathways Center Associate for Vocation and Mentoring at (319) 352-8651.

Expectations and Responsibilities of Effective Mentors

At Wartburg, effective mentors are expected to:

  • Be Available - make a plan to meet regularly with your mentee(s) (regular practice is usually about once a month)
  • Be Present - set aside other commitments when meeting with your mentee(s)
  • Be Engaged  - share your experiences and provide feedback, guidance, and support regularly
  • Be Reflective - encourage mentees to reflect and take part in constructive conversation about their goals and life experiences
  • Maintain Confidentiality - maintaining confidentiality will allow you to build trust and rapport with your mentee(s) over time, making it easier for the mentee(s) to share and the mentor to offer encouragement and support
  • Propose Action - gently encourage and push your mentee(s) to take action (establish an overall personal and/or professional action plan to talk about or experience through the activities)

At Wartburg, an effective mentor is:

  • Respectful
  • Reliable/trustworthy
  • Patient
  • A good listener/communicator
  • An ally/advocate
  • Knowledgeable/experienced
  • A resourceful guide
  • A caring role model
  • Positive and supportive
  • Adaptable and persistent
  • Intentional about meetings and conversations
  • Discrete

At Wartburg, an effective mentor:

  • Helps individuals achieve the potential within themselves that is hidden to others (and perhaps hidden to themselves)
  • Shares stories with mentees about his/her educational career and the ways they overcame obstacles
  • Encourages constantly, whether its helping others overcome a mistake and/or congratulating them on a recent accomplishment, mentors over-encourage rather than under-encourage
  • Helps mentees learn how to manage their time and discover what is most important to them
  • Explores and offers a variety of resources throughout the college and community to help individuals deal with certain problems they may face
  • Refers to others for additional help and expertise