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Mentoring at Wartburg College

Welcome to the Wartburg College Mentoring Webpage.  Whether you are new to the concept of mentoring or an expert on best practices, we are happy to have you visit this page.  Wartburg College believes mentoring is an excellent method to help students reach their potential.  Through the guidance and support of a mentor, mentees typically develop a better knowledge and understanding of themselves, and are more likely to pursue and achieve their goals.  This page has been established to serve the Wartburg Community by providing language, resources, and opportunities for all mentoring relationships and initiatives that take place within our institution.

Office Staff
Veronica Reece | Pathways Associate for Vocation and Mentoring

igKnight Mentoring

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Movie Resources

Watching films is an excellent way to discover the concepts of mentoring.  Although the information isn't explicitly presented, one can easily see and reflect on some quality mentoring characteristics as they watch.  We recommend clicking the button below and watching any of the films that are listed to gain a better understanding of what excellent mentoring relationships look like.  Individuals can witness the many ways mentors can inspire, motivate, and teach their mentees.  Most of these films can be found in the Vogel Library or at a local video rental store.

Book Resources

The literature on mentoring is quite extensive.  There are quite a few books out there on the topic that identify what a quality mentoring relationship looks like. The button below includes a list of books and their brief summaries we have found to be particularly enlightening on the topic of mentoring.  Many of these books are available in Pathways and/or the Vogel Library.  We recommend using these resources to learn more about quality mentoring relationships, to discover best mentoring practices, and to gain a better appreciation for the impact mentoring can have on others.

Research, Articles, & Websites

A great deal of research has been conducted on the benefits of mentoring.  Studies have shown mentoring benefits our youth, our careers, our relationships, and a variety of other aspects within our lives.  Additionally, there are a number of websites out there that highlight the benefits of mentoring and share best practices as well.  Mentoring others is time well spent.  The button below provides access to research, articles, and websites that highlight mentoring and the importance of finding someone who can challenge and support you to reach your potential.