Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office at Wartburg College seeks to help the Wartburg community find ways to better steward its resources. Click the links on these pages to learn about the programs and activities that have reduced energy consumption and also educated the public about the environmental impacts of sustainable practices.

Located in Old Main 15, the Sustainability Office’s Office Suite has a room dedicated to giving a second life to gently used office supplies that are no longer needed by departments, individual faculty/staff, or students. Donate office supplies by e-mailing sustainability@wartburg.edu. Pick up items for free by stopping by REUSE(D) during office hours.

Wartburg College is dedicated to shrinking our footprint by reducing our energy consumption, in turn managing utility expenses and operation costs.

Conservation Tips

  • Unplug your electronics when not in use or charging, especially over breaks.
  • Use a CFL in your lamp instead of overhead lights.
  • Use an energy star fridge in your room and use only one.
  • Sign up to “Be Green Certified” with the Sustainability Office.
  • Participate in eco challenges, events and clubs on campus.
  • Turn off lights 
Questions?  E-mail sustainability@wartburg.edu.