Registration Instructions
1. Check your Student Information online through My.Wartburg to verify that the following info is correct:

Classification. Registration is scheduled on specific days for students based on their classification. Classification was determined at the beginning of the Winter Term and is based on credits earned:

4Y = 26.00 course credits or more
3Y = 16.00 – 25.75 course credits
2Y = 7.00 – 15.75 course credits
1Y = 0.00 – 6.75 course credits

Advisor. All students are required to meet with their advisor to discuss and clear their proposed schedule.

Outstanding Balance. All students must have their Winter/May Term bill paid in full before being cleared to register.

If your classification and/or advisor are not correct, contact the Registrar’s Office. To discuss and/or pay your outstanding balance, contact the Business Office.

2. Download the Academic Schedule Grid.

Use this grid to plan your schedule and to avoid time conflicts. The grid will be used as your registration form if you are cleared to register for any classes through online registration.

3. View the course schedule online

by selecting the academics tab on my.wartburg.edu. The online schedule provides you with current enrollment information and links to more information on each course.

As you select courses, note any prerequisites and/or approvals required. Contact the appropriate individuals to receive approval before your registration start date.

4. Identify which courses you will be able to register for online and which courses are only available for onsite registration in the Registrar’s Office. (The registration dates are the same for online and onsite registration; however, the hours are limited for onsite registration.)

In addition to Wartburg West courses and Arranged Study, Independent Study, and Internship credits, certain courses are not available for online registration. A list of Restricted Courses is available here.

Onsite registration for Arranged Study, Independent Study, or Internship credits must be accompanied by the appropriate learning contracts and approved by the Registrar.

Onsite registration is required for audited courses.

Separate forms are required for onsite registration and online registration.
Both forms must be signed by your advisor. The course schedule grid is used for online registration. The onsite registration form is available through the Special Request Forms link on My Wartburg. The onsite registration form will be used to select classes that are not available through online registration.

5. Meet with your advisor to discuss your proposed schedule well in advance of your assigned registration start date. Discuss alternative courses in case your first choice courses have long wait lists. However, remember that enrolling in a waitlisted course during your registration dates does not preclude you from being added to the class roster. Final course rosters are determined by class seniority and need. During the three days following your classification registration dates, the Registrar's Office will assess placement into each course.

During the scheduled registration period, students who register after their classification registration dates will forfeit the priority privilege based on classification. 

6. Verify that you are ready to register:

  • Have you met the necessary prerequisites for the classes you have selected?
  • Have you obtained the necessary approvals?
  • Have you cleared your balance with the Business Office?
  • Have you meet with your advisor?
  • Have you completed the appropriate forms for online registration and, if necessary, the appropriate form for onsite registration?
  • Did your advisor sign your registration forms?
  • Did you select enough course credits for a fulltime load which is a minimum of 3 credits for each Fall and Winter Term and 1 credit for May Term?
  • Did you select more than 4.5 course credits for either Fall or Winter Term which places you in an overload? If “yes”, online registration will not accept more than 4.5 course credits. Overload credits must be registered through onsite registration. To be cleared to enroll in more than 5.0 course credits, you must complete a Request for Variance. Overload fees will be assessed as per college policy.
7. Register for classes by submitting your registration form to the Registrar’s Office for onsite registration or access online registration through my.wartburg.edu during the registration period for your classification.

8. Changes to your schedule after submitting the registration form or registering online must be cleared by your advisor by submitting the appropriate add/drop card to the Registrar’s Office. Drop/add cards are available in the Registrar’s Office.