Wartburg ID Card - All Campus Spending Account

Students, faculty, and staff at Wartburg College are issued Wartburg IDs. The ID card is for campus identification and service access. It provides access to buildings, the Wellness Center, board plans, All Campus Spending and the time clock system. The user is responsible for their card.

ID cards are non-transferable and for the sole use of the cardholder. The ID card is the property of Wartburg College. A lost or stolen card should be reported immediately. Lending this card to anyone, or altering it in any way, is a violation of college regulations and may result in disciplinary action. If an ID card is damaged, cracked, worn from use, or stops working there is no charge to replace it. Bring the damaged card to the Dining Office. There is also no charge if a person needs to exchange their card due to a legal name change.

Temporary Card
If your ID card has been lost or stolen, a temporary card can be purchased for $5. Temporary ID cards are valid for a one-week time-period. A temporary card may be used for board meals in Mensa only.

The cost of a replacement card is $20. An old card cannot be reactivated once a new card has been made. If you have already purchased a temporary card, the cost to get a new ID card made will be the $15 difference.

New Card
Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to prevent use. This can be done in the Dining Office or online. The Dining Office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Report your ID lost via the GET website by clicking the “I Lost My Card” tab under “Quick Lines”. You must come into the Dining Office in order to get a temporary or new card.

If you find your ID card before you get a replacement, you may reactivate your card by coming to the Dining Office, or by going onto the GET website and clicking the “I Found My Card” tab under “Quick Lines”.

All Campus Spending (ACS)
All Campus Spending (ACS) is an account that you can put money on in order to make purchases on campus. It functions like a debit card. ACS can be used in all four dining locations, the Mail Center and the Wartburg Store and the vending machine located in the Student Center.

When you use your ACS account at the Wartburg Store, or Dining locations on campus, you will receive a 10% discount off your purchases. There is no discount when using ACS in the Mail Center.