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The Juice (Student) - Jan. 17


Jan. 17, 2022

MLK Day details for Jan. 17

Monday, Jan. 17, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Wartburg alters the class schedule on this federal holiday to free students and faculty to participate in afternoon activities (see below). Class periods one through six will meet for 50 minutes with a 10-minute break between each. Weekday Chapel will not be held. Evening classes will meet at their regularly scheduled time.



Period 1 (regularly starting at 7:45 a.m.) will be 7:45-8:35 a.m.
Period 2 (9 a.m.) will be 8:45-9:35 a.m.
Period 3 (10:45 a.m.) will be 9:45-10:35 a.m.
Period 4 (noon) will be 10:45-11:35 a.m.
Period 5 (1:15 p.m.) will be 11:45 a.m. to 12:35 p.m.
Period 6 (2:30 p.m.) will be 12:45-1:35 p.m.

The entire Wartburg community is invited to join in the afternoon activities. This year's MLK Day theme is "What Are You Doing For Others?".

Opening Event, 1:45-2 p.m., McCaskey Lyceum
Social Media Dialogue: #MLKWartburg, all day
Vogel Library Social Justice Display, second floor Vogel Library
Off-campus service to the community, 2:15-4:15 p.m.
Social Justice Fair/Poster Exhibit, 2:15-4:30 p.m. (Knights Room)
Stop & Serve, 2:15-4:30 p.m. (Heritage & St. Elizabeth Rooms)
New Imaginations of the Beloved Community: A Conversation on the Potentiality of Reconciliation, 5-6 p.m., McCaskey Lyceum
Evening MLK Stop & Serve, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Chapel Commons

The Immigrant Experience in Iowa

Nick Wuertz and Derma Rivera-Aguirre from Lutheran Services in Iowa will address the Waverly Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) on Thursday, Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. "The Immigrant Experience in Iowa" will be presented over Zoom. Faculty, staff, and students are all invited. Please contact Kim Folkers at kimberly.folkers@wartburg.edu for the Zoom link.


Mail Center MLK Jr. Day notice and online ordering reminder

The Mail Center will be open normal hours for MLK Jr. Day. There is no mail service for the federal holiday, so mail and packages expected for Monday will arrive Tuesday, and there will be no outgoing mail. There may be processing delays and service interruptions as a result of the abbreviated class schedule.


The Mail Center regularly receives items addressed with a first name only. When multiple people with that name exist on campus, we cannot deliver these items. The delivery address for online purchases should include your first and last name; box number is also advised. If unspecified items are not claimed, by tracking number, within six weeks, they are returned or donated. If you are looking for an item that tracking shows as delivered, please email your tracking number to mailroom@wartburg.edu and we can check it against our pile of insufficiently addressed items.


Three student loan scams to watch for

The pandemic created a perfect breeding ground for scammers to take advantage of student loan borrowers. In a CNBC article, Kristen Evans, chief of the students and young consumers section at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said “Scammers really prey on the financially vulnerable, and so with the pandemic, many people have been struggling financially and they are looking for financial relief.”


There are three main types of student loan scams to watch out for:


Student Loan Consolidation Scam

A company promises (for a fee) to consolidate your student loans and lower your monthly payments.

What you should know
The only official student loan consolidation is through the federal government. Check out studentaid.gov or call 800-557-7394.
There is no fee for student loan consolidation.


Student Loan Forgiveness Scam 

A company promises (for a fee) to forgive your student loans.

What you should know:
No private company will "forgive" your student loans, no matter how much you pay them.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a legitimate federal program for public servants with federal student loans, but it does not charge an upfront fee.


IRS Student Tax Scam 

You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent who says you owe a "federal student tax." If you don't make immediate payment, the caller threatens arrest or a lawsuit.

What you should know:
The IRS will always contact you by mail before calling you.
The IRS will never demand immediate payment, request a specific form of payment, or threaten you with arrest or deportation.
The IRS will not request personal or financial information by email.



Student organizations garage sale

Students UKnight, Wartburg College Dance Marathon, and Service Trips are hosting a garage sale in the Student Center outside The Wartburg Store on Thursday, Jan. 20, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Organizations will have old shirts and other swag items for sale. Come check it out and get new old merch!


Students UKnight Service Trip fundraiser

Students UKnight is headed to North Carolina on a service trip during Winter Break and is fundraising through CAUSE TEAM. This page is a great way to buy gifts and donate to the service trip! Click here to browse the catalog. If you have questions please contact StudentsUknight@wartburg.edu.

MCSP Department Seminar: Secrets to Writing Math

The next Math, Computer Science & Physics (MCSP) Department Seminar will be Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 11:30 a.m. in Room 134 of the Science Center. Dr. Mariah Birgen, professor of mathematics, will share information about how to typeset mathematical equations using Overleaf, a web-based text editor for the LaTeX language. All are invited to hear her presentation, "Introduction to Writing Math with Overleaf." Masks are required.


Stories wanted for senior exhibition project

Lura Ajdini ’22 is working on her senior art exhibition and looking for survivors of domestic violence who would be willing to have their story included in a magazine she is producing. If you or anyone you know is a survivor of domestic violence, you can share your story with her here. Please be aware that the link includes questions about domestic violence.


Join Service Trips for a Candlelight Dinner

Service Trips will be hosting a Candlelight Dinner on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 6:30 p.m. Students can register during dinner in Mensa on Jan. 19 and 20. Cost is $3 for those with a meal plan and $13 for those who don't. Everyone is invited for an evening of good food and to learn more about Service Trips.

Join the Wartburg Ambassadors

The Wartburg Ambassadors is now recruiting students to become Ambassadors for the 2022-23 school year. Ambassadors promote Wartburg College through tours and lunches with prospective students. Click here to apply. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 1, with interviews Feb. 14-23. If you have any questions, contact Katie Wyman or ambassadors@wartburg.edu. Don’t forget to follow Ambassadors on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest information

Deadline extended for Winter Break Service Trips

The deadline for Wartburg College Service Trips Winter Break applications has been extended and now closes tonight, Jan. 17, at midnight. Trip locations include Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Utah, and Tennessee. All students are encouraged to apply for a Winter Break trip, Feb. 26-March 6. Service opportunities will focus on poverty, children, the environment, and more. Click here for the application or email us at servicetrips@wartburg.edu for more information


Join Phi Beta Lambda for Business BINGO

Phi Beta Lambda is hosting Business BINGO Thursday, Jan. 20 at 7:30 p.m., in Buckmaster (WBC 214). Come hang out and play for a chance to win some great prizes! All students are welcome no matter your major. If you have any questions, please contact phibetalambda@wartburg.edu. Phi Beta Lambda is a Business Student Organization that provides professional development and networking opportunities for students across campus.


College weather-related closure policy
This time of year, the chance for severe winter weather grows more likely. For such situations, the college has a weather-related closure policy posted here. The policy also is linked from the front page of the Student Handbook page and the Academic Affairs website.
Campus snow removal map

Please remember to use caution when snow and ice are present on sidewalks and steps. Operations & Maintenance will remove snow and add salt or sand to icy spots on sidewalks and steps on campus according to the priority snow removal map. Parking lots will be cleared and salted or sanded as needed by a third party.



Weekday Chapel services

Weekday Chapel services are from 10:15 to 10:35 a.m. each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Wartburg Chapel. Chapel time is a brief opportunity to gather with students, staff, and faculty to reflect on God and faith. Mondays will feature faculty and staff faith stories and blessings, Wednesdays will be a morning prayer service, and Fridays will have Senior Chapels. Interfaith chapels will be held during the last week each month.

Upcoming speakers:


Monday, Jan. 10: No chapel
Wednesday, Jan. 12: MLK Chapel
Friday, Jan. 14: Senior Chapel, Grace Becker; music by Hope Overflow


Sanctuary on Wednesdays

Sanctuary is a casual service that takes place on Wednesday nights in the Chapel Commons. It provides students with the opportunity to relax and center themselves around God’s word in the midst of their busy week. All are welcome at 9 p.m. in Chapel Commons (basement), and come early at 8:45 for snacks.



Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Jan. 17

Art Gallery Artist Reception
Jan. 21, 6 p.m.

Meistersinger Honor Choir Festival Finale Concert
Jan. 24

Student Senate applications due
Jan. 25

Unified Sports Day
Feb. 12


Assistance needed delivering COVID-19 isolation/quarantine meals

Wartburg Knights of Service is seeking assistance again for COVID-19 isolation and quarantine meal deliveries starting this week! Meet members of the Wartburg College Security Team upstairs in the back hallway by the ballrooms (NE corner of the Student Center) at noon. Depending on volume of meals times might change slightly. Please be patient and understanding. We might even cancel your shift via email if you are not needed. Click here to sign up to help.


New student organizations approved

Over the course of the Fall Term two new student organizations were approved. The first is the Google Developer Student Club which focuses on using technology to create solutions; if you are interested in learning more, reach out to tsering.tashi@wartburg.edu. The second is the Table Tennis Club; if you are interested in learning more, reach out to tate.jones@wartburg.edu.

Guest speakers for Student Senate

Do you have information about an upcoming event, research topic, or new organization you would like the student body to know about? Student Senate is looking for guest speakers at Full Senate meetings for the Winter Term. Full Senate meetings are held every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in Buckmaster (WBC 215). Please fill out this form if you are interested in being a guest speaker. Contact Olivia Hobson at olivia.hobson@wartburg.edu with questions.


Waverly Health Center Volunteer Program accepting applications

The Student Success Center is now accepting applications for the student volunteer program at the Waverly Health Center. Please visit Jo Dorrance to sign-up and receive your orientation packet. This is for students new to the program only. Deadline to sign-up is Friday, Jan. 21, and the program is limited to 12 students. For more information email jo.dorrance@wartburg.edu.


Join a vocal ensemble without an audition

Three Wartburg vocal ensembles have immediate openings and do not require an audition. To join, just show up at rehearsal or email the director. Kantorei (mixed choir) rehearses W/F, 3:45-4:40 p.m. and is directed by Dr. Karen Black. St. Elizabeth Chorale (soprano/alto choir) rehearses M/TH, 4:50-5:45 p.m., and is directed by Dr. Nicki Toliver. Ritterchor (bass choir) rehearses M/TH, 3:45-4:40 p.m., and is directed by Dr. Lee Nelson.

Westmar scholarship

The Westmar Endowment Scholarship Application is now available online. As in the past, there are specific criteria for eligibility to apply for one of these scholarships. All application materials and official transcripts must be received by the Iowa College Foundation no later than April 1.

Apply for Student Senate executive positions

Are you interested in serving the student body as an elected executive member of the Student Senate? Apply to run for Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Body Recorder, or Student Body Treasurer using this link. Applications are due to Olivia Hobson at olivia.hobson@wartburg.edu by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 25. All candidates must attend the mandatory elections meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 25, at 4 p.m. in WBC 217. Email Olivia Hobson with questions.

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