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Chapel Date

Monday, March 16, at 10:15 AM 

Prelude Blessed Assurance - John Carter

Dr. Karen Black, college cantor and organist
Welcome & Announcements Pastor Brian
Greeting and Opening Prayer Pastor Rebecca
Leader:  The Grace of our...
People:  And also with you.

Mark 12:28-31, Aurion Redding
Message Amber Boettcher
Sending Hymn
ELW 638 "Blessed Assurance"
Aurion Redding
*Blessing Pastor Brian
*Dismissal Leader: Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord!
PEOPLE: Thanks be to God!

Oh, How I Love Jesus - John Carter

Dr. Black

Live Stream Video
Prayer Requests

Welcome to Chapel this morning!

Upcoming services in the Chapel

Wednesday, March 11: Chapel at 10:15 AM: Pastor Rebecca, Lenten Service

Wednesday Evening, Sanctuary at 9:00 PM

Friday, March 13: Chapel at 10:15 AM: Karlee Boyle '20 Senior Chapel

Please note: Today's Bach Lunch Organ recital has been cancelled. 

Please note: the Sunday Service for March 15 has been cancelled.

Wartburg Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry Mission  

Spiritual Life and Campus Ministry is called by the Holy Spirit to participate in God’s mission by welcoming everyone as Christ among us, accompanying people of diverse religious backgrounds on their spiritual journeys, equipping the Body of Christ to nurture Christian faith, and championing the College’s religious identity.