Social Work Field Education
Social work students complete a minimum of two field experiences, totaling 590 hours and earning 4 academic course credits:
  • SW 181: Beginning Field Experience.  Taken in the May Term of the first or second year, this placement provides a four-week full-time observational experience in a social service agency.
  • SW 401-03: Supervised Field Experience.  This practicum experience places students in a social service agency setting for approximately 34 hours each week during the Winter Term of the fourth year.  Students in these placements work under the supervision of a trained professional field instructor and in partnership with a member of the social work faculty.  Agency sites are selected according to the professional interests of the student, either regionally or in Denver, CO through the Wartburg West Program.

An optional May Term field experience is available for students who wish to gain exposure to diverse client populations and settings (SW 281: Diversity Field Experience).