Probation and Suspension Policies
Students are considered to be making satisfactory academic progress if their cumulative grade point average exceeds the suspension standards for their position in the following table:

Course Credits Suspension Probation
Completed GPA GPA
0.25-4.75 0.000-1.000 1.001-1.500
5.00-9.75 0.000-1.400 1.401-1.600
10.00-13.75 0.000-1.500 1.501-1.750
23.00-27.75 0.000-1.900  1.901-1.999 
28.00 0.000-1.999 n/a

Students are subject to probation or suspension at the end of any term in which their cumulative GPA falls below the standards in the table. Regardless of the students’ cumulative grade point averages, if the grade point average for any given term is below 1.500, students are placed on probation. Probationary status is automatically removed at the end of any term in which the cumulative GPA exceeds the probation standards in the table. In addition, students are subject to suspension when they have been on probation for one term and have not raised their grade point average above the probation level.

The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs reviews the academic standing of all students at the end of Fall Term and at the end of Winter/May Terms (considered jointly). Notification of academic probation and suspension appears on the grade report and is sent for informational purposes to academic advisers and the Dean of Students. Academic probation constitutes serious warning to students that their retention at the college is in jeopardy. During a period of probation, students are encouraged to contact their advisers, visit the Pathways Center, and/or meet with the Dean of Students to develop strategies for improving their academic performance.

Students who are suspended are ineligible to enroll as degree-seeking students for the immediately succeeding term. If and when they return to regular status following a period of suspension, students remain under the terms and conditions of the catalog in effect at the time they matriculated (subject to statutory limitations for earning a baccalaureate degree).

Suspended students wishing to seek readmission following the period of suspension must do so by writing to the Academic Suspension Committee, stating specific reasons for seeking readmission and providing evidence of ability to succeed in college-level studies. Students readmitted following a period of suspension are ineligible to participate in organized co-curricular activities (e.g., intercollegiate athletics, student publications, student government), to work in residence hall or Student Life programs (e.g., in residence halls or as Student Orientation Staff), or to join in any organized student activities related to academic programs (e.g., band, choir, speech team, etc.) until they raise their cumulative GPA above the probation level.

Students who are readmitted after having served a suspension are automatically dismissed if they are suspended a second time.

Athletic Eligibility
To be eligible for Fall Term intercollegiate athletics, student-athletes must successfully complete four course credits in the previous Winter/May and Summer Terms or seven course credits in the previous Fall, Winter/May, and Summer Terms combined. To be eligible for Winter/May Term intercollegiate athletics, student-athletes must successfully complete three course credits in the previous Fall Term or seven course credits in the previous Fall, Summer, and Winter/May Terms combined. Student-athletes must also make satisfactory academic progress. In order to be eligible for athletics during May Term, student-athletes must be enrolled during May Term.

Appeal Procedures
Students may appeal suspension if they believe extenuating circumstances have contributed to poor academic performance. Appeals must be addressed to the  Academic Suspension Committee and received in accordance with the deadlines stated in the suspension notice. Appeals should contain specific reasons for requesting removal of suspension status and plans for improving academic performance. The  Academic Suspension Committee will review all appeals and  render the final appeal decision.

If appeal is granted, notification of suspension will be removed from grade reports and transcripts, and students will be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress. The  Academic Suspension Committee reserves the prerogative to grant appeals by placing enrollment conditions upon students.

Dismissals cannot be appealed, and dismissed students will not be readmitted.