Major Information

Education Major Resources
Elementary Core
|Secondary Core (PDF)
Elementary and Specialized Endorsements    
Helps students keep record of their course requirements while moving toward program completion.

Field Experience Background Checks
Background Check Instructions
IA Criminal History Background Check (PDF)
Request for Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Information Form (PDF)
All education students must complete the Single Contact Repository (SING) background check before participating in any field experience or student teaching.

Application to Teacher Education Program (PDF)
Students must submit this required form to gain entrance into the program.

Teacher Education Program Timeline (PDF) 
Students can stay current on program requirements and plan for their future semesters using the teacher education program timeline.

Praxis Core Exam
Students must successfully pass after taking required courses.

Testing Services
The Pathways Center provides resources to help you successfully prepare for the Praxis core and Praxis II exams.

Academic Resources

Student Teacher Information

Student Teaching Assistance
Preparing for your Student Teaching Application (pdf)
- Application Forms: 2020-2021 Student Teaching Application

Student Teaching Handbook (PDF)
Provides information for the Wartburg student teacher and their cooperating teacher throughout their placement in an area school. This manual outlines the requirements, responsibilities, and procedures for the student teacher and cooperating teacher, and the role of supervising faculty and other education personnel involved in the student teaching experience.

School Listings
This link provides all student teachers with information about each school district in the area.

Praxis II Exam
Wartburg student teachers will be required to pass the appropriate Praxis II exams prior to student teaching.  The State of Iowa requires qualifying scores in both a test of pedagogy and a test of content.

Licensure Procedures
Every Iowa teacher must be licensed to teach. The license requirements are set by a Board of Educational Examiners whose members are appointed by the Governor of the State of Iowa.

Senior Information

• Iowa Education Jobs
• Iowa Education Jobs
• Iowa REAP
Field Experience Options

Teacher Education Policy and Field Experience Manual (PDF)
The Teacher Education Policy and Field Experience Manual serves as a guide for education students as they proceed through the Teacher Education Program at Wartburg College. The manual outline the goals, requirements, and responsibilities of the education student as they move toward program completion and ultimately their initial teaching license. 

Field Experience 
ED 173 Methods of Pedagogy FE Logs Eval    
ED 181 Foundations Logs Confidentiality Statement
ED 210 Children's Lit
ED 215 Psychology of the Exceptional Learner Logs   Eval    
ED 282 Teaching in the Secondary School
ED 284 Intro to Mild and Moderate
ED 382 Remedial Reading
ED 383 Educational Psychology
ED 384 Middle School Curriculum
ED 385 Reading in the Elementary School
ED 481 Early Childhood: Family & Community Relations
MA 312 Teaching Elementary School Math
MA 470 Teaching Secondary School Math




MU 181 General Music Methods Logs Eval    
MU 281 Choral and Instrumental Methods Logs Eval    
BI/CH/PHY 470 Secondary Science Methods Logs Eval    
SCI 385 Elementary Science Methods Logs      


Office of Student Field Experiences

The Education Department, works to meet the needs of undergraduate education majors and is responsible for identifying and assigning education candidates their field placements and clinical experiences. The Education Department is responsible for maintaining records of candidate work in each placement.

General Information
Placement Process (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Student Information
Student FE Placement Sign-up
Student Evaluation of FE
School Listings

Teacher Information
Teacher Brochure (PDF)
Teacher Field Experience Sign-up


Arrangements with field experience teacher must be made by October 15
Final evaluations and logs are due December 6

Dr. Kelly Faga, Assistant Professor of Education
Office Location: 
Room 304, Old Main

Dr. Stephanie TeKippe, Assistant Professor of Education
Office Location: 
Room 305, Old Main