Academic Honors

College Honors are bestowed upon graduates who earn 18 course credits at Wartburg and achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.500-3.699 (Cum Laude), 3.700-3.849 (Magna Cum Laude), or 3.850-4.000 (Summa Cum Laude).

Dean's List Requirements
In order to be on the Dean's List, the following requirements must be met:

Fall Term 
- Four course credits completed
- Three course credits taken for a traditional grade (not pass option or P/F courses)
- Term GPA of 3.500 or above
- No incompletes

Winter/May Term
- Five total course credits completed
- Four course credits taken for a traditional grade
- Term GPA of 3.500 or above (includes Winter and May Terms)
- No incompletes

Dean's Honor Cords
The Wartburg College Dean's Honor Cords are given to the graduating senior students who have excelled academically. Graduating seniors who have earned the top 40 grade point averages at the end of the Fall term prior to graduation are recognized at Commencement by these cords. Students graduating in the previous December Commencement are included in this honor.

Academic Honor Societies