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Wartburg Outfly goes global in Japan

Wartburg College alumni show their school spirit during the Tokyo Outfly.

WAVERLY — Dr. Kunihiko Terasawa hosted six Wartburg College alumni during the first official Outfly in Shibuya, Tokyo, July 20.

The “Tokyo Happy Hour” attendees included Nami (Futami) Sasaki ’95, Sayumi Abe ’06, Hiroyuki Yokota ’07, Shigeru Ōta ’07, Kōsuke Takahashi ’09, and Keita Furumoto ’13. More than 90 Wartburg alumni live in Japan.

Terasawa, an assistant professor of religion, said hosting an alumni gathering during his annual summer trip to Japan was especially meaningful for those who live there year-round.

“The Japanese alumni want to come to Homecoming, but they cannot,” Terasawa said. “I want to have a regular meeting in Japan, hosted by faculty, to reconnect and revitalize their love and memories of Wartburg.”

The small group spent the evening sharing Wartburg memories and discussing how their experiences prepared them for their work today. Takahashi, who advises business companies, said English reading and writing courses, like Inquiry Studies, were especially difficult as a student, but the skills have proven invaluable as a professional.

“The meeting was quite joyful and friendly with good food,” Terasawa said.

To see more photos from this and other 2013 Outfly events visit http://on.fb.me/19tmygL.