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Oct. 31 Reformation Table Talks report

Oct. 31 Reformation Table Talks Report

Contact: Ramona Bouzard

Jan. 15 mini-report:

  • Over 280 students, staff, and faculty signed up for the Reformation Table Talks on Oct. 31, 2017.
  • 48 students, faculty and staff served as facilitators and notetakers. Many thanks to all who made the day a success!
  • Themes from the overall talks were identified by notetakers: Service, Openness, Embracing other traditions, Welcoming, Choice, Vocation, Diversity, Nurturing, and Religion in classes.
  • Students and non-students alike expressed a desire to clarify what it means for Wartburg to have a Lutheran Christian identity in order to communicate the mission of the college.
  • When asked about how participants saw and experienced the college living out its Lutheran Christian identity. Responses included emphasis on: service, vocation and calling conversations, opportunities for worship, ability and encouragement to speak of one’s particular faith or meaning in classes and campus activities, having a Chapel building, being respectful and welcoming of all religious and cultural traditions, public prayer, Lilly Reflection room.
  • After discussing what “spiritual life” meant to them, participants answered the question, “When in your experience at Wartburg have you felt most spiritually connected?”  Answers ranged from off-campus faith communities, conversations and challenges in classes, Weekday Chapel, actual practice and traditions while on teams and in music groups, service trips, connecting with professors, connecting with campus pastors.
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