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Financial Requests Manuals
This document contains all the guidelines followed by the Student Senate to award funds to students and organizations. Please read the relevant sections of this manual before submitting a funding request to make sure that you are aware of these rules.
This document guides Student Senate in its mission to provide resources to several different initiatives on campus. The Readership manual guides us to focus our efforts and resources towards advancing and bettering sustainability initiatives, residence hall improvement projects, and engaging large events. 

Request Forms

The Wartburg Student Senate provides supplemental financing for students and student organizations throughout the year. These funds are usually used by students to go to conferences and organized events. If you are interested in submitting a supplemental request for Senate approval, please download and complete the form from the link above and send it to seth.jobesryan@wartburg.edu

Allocation Application (DOC

This resource is designed to benefit Student Organizations for planning and advancing student group missions. Allocations are the most important function of Student Senate financing, as it is the time when the most resources are allocated to the organizations. Allocations provide over $30,000 for student organizations, and it is the backbone of student organization funding. Allocations are intended to provide a basic level of funding for the next academic year. The process begins in March, with allocation meetings and Senate approval, and disbursement begins the next academic year.

     Other Information

Organizational Request

The Office of Student Life and the Student Senate share responsibility for officially recognizing student organizations on campus. The links below will allow you to download a step-by-step process as how to receive recognition and write your organization’s constitution. Please feel free to  contact 
senate@wartburg.edu with any questions.

Student Organizations Guide

Informational Resources