Student Senate Initiatives
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Prior Initiatives of 2015-16 Term:


·      Increase communication with Student Body

o   In the 2014-2015 academic year, Student Senate achieved an unprecedented level of email communication. There was consistently high rates of constituent emailing each week and even six weeks in a row in which every senator sent an email to their constituents. However, we realize that emails are easily ignored. We hope to continue the success of email communications by using a newsletter formant and monitoring emails closely as we did this past year. We also plan to utilize other forms of communication such as the bulletin boards owned by Senate on each residence floor. We will plan regular events on campus to get student input and also to inform students of the work we have been doing on their behalf.

·      Increase visibility of Senate

o   By hosting events and communicating with students, we hope that Student Senate becomes a noticeable element in the lives of all students at Wartburg. We will encourage senators to get involved in events and activities put on by the college as well as by student organizations. Students will know their senators and see them as active leaders who are invested in this institution.

·      Continue with changes to Honor Council

o   Many improvements have been made to the Honor Code and Honor Council in the past year. The Honor Code is more understandable and the Honor Council offers more recourse for students accused of academic dishonesty. This has been due to the work of the Senate as well as administrators of the college. We will keep those changes in place and monitor their success.

·      Partner with student organizations

o   To increase the value of the Student Senate to the many student organizations on campus, we will be cosponsoring events with many groups next year. This will improve many students’ familiarity with the Senate and make events more successful for attendees.



·      Increase funding for student organizations

o   Along with partnerships, we will increase our funding for student organizations by enacting an advertising campaign that explains how to get funds from the Senate and that encourages organizations to apply for funds.

·      Engage Senate and the Student Body with the Waverly community

o   The Senate has not had a liaison to the City of Waverly in the past year but we will appoint at least two individuals to that position next year. We will also encourage senators to attend events in the community.

·      Utilize Student input to decide Campus and Hall Improvement Projects

o   As we did in the 2014-2015 academic year, the Senate will decide the projects based on the input of the greater Student Body. We will gather ideas and feedback at our many events and use that information as we deliberate the best ways to improve Wartburg.