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Campus Security Office

The Campus Security Office in Saemann Student Center includes a director plus seven part-time and three full-time officers. While officers are on duty 24 hours a day, the office is open for general administrative purposes only from 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The administrative phone number is 8372. Campus Security is in continual radio contact with the campus operator at the Information Center. Any criminal incidents, emergencies, or other suspicious behavior may be reported by calling Campus Security (ext. 9999). In addition, calls may be made directly to the Waverly Police Department at 319-352-5400 and, in case of an emergency, by dialing 911 (from on campus, dial 9-911).

The Director of Campus Security reports to the Vice President for Student Life for security-related matters. Security officers are not commissioned officers or peace officers, and they do not carry weapons. The officers receive training specifically designed for safety and security personnel. Campus Security is licensed as a private security agency with the Department of Public Safety for the State of Iowa. Campus Security has a close working relationship with the Waverly Police Department. All major crimes (felonies) and crimes that require a major investigative effort or have potential for criminal prosecution are reported to the Waverly Police Department, which then assumes responsibility for any investigation. Other college officials to whom criminal offenses can be reported by students and employees include: the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Dean of Students, residence hall directors, resident assistants (RAs), Vice President for Finance and Administration, and the Director of the Physical Plant coaches and faculty advisors to student groups. Campus Security prepares an annual security report in accordance with the federal Jeane Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security and Campus Crime Statistics Act. This report includes statistics for the previous three years on reported crimes on campus, certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Wartburg College, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault, and other matters. You can obtain a copy of this report by contacting the Campus Security Office or by accessing the Wartburg College website at www.wartburg.edu/services/security/. Summaries of reported crimes on campus may be reviewed by visiting the Campus Security Office. While Wartburg is a comparatively safe environment, the campus is not exempt from the types of crime that exist in Waverly or other Northeast Iowa communities. Effective safety and security require cooperation and assistance from everyone at the college. All members of the campus community must take responsibility for the safety and security of themselves, their neighbors, and their belongings. Being alert to and observant of suspicious activity or possible campus crime and calling Campus Security immediately are important personal responsibilities shared by all members of the community. The college assumes no responsibility for theft, damages, or loss of money, valuables, or personal property. We strongly encourage students to check with their family concerning the extent of coverage under their homeowner/renter insurance policy and to purchase property insurance, if needed. Campus facilities are for the use of Wartburg community members and their guests. Campus Security works with the college physical plant and building managers of each campus facility to establish and implement daily lock-up times for each building. Safety or security problems within campus facilities should be reported to the building custodian or to Campus Security as soon as possible.

Protection Against Theft

  1. Always lock your car or room and take the keys with you. Do not leave valuables in plain sight in your car or room! Put them in a locked container or take them with you.
  2. Register valuables. Bicycles and valuables may be registered in the Security Office.
  3. Project ID. Identification of personal items against theft is possible using marking pens and engravers. Contact Campus Security.
  4. Campus Security offers bicycle registration at no cost. Always lock your bicycle when not in use.

Missing Student Protocol

If a person has not been seen by a roommate, classmate, faculty member, family member, or other campus person in a reasonable amount of time, his or her absence may be a cause for concern or suspicion. If this concern is present, information should be reported immediately to the Director of Campus Security or the Student Life Office.

When Campus Security or Student Life is aware of a missing person concern, all possible efforts are made to locate the student to determine his or her state of health and well-being through the collaboration of the Waverly Police, Campus Security and Residential Life. If the student resides on campus, either Campus Security or a hall director will conduct a welfare check into the student’s room. If the student resides off campus, Campus Security will coordinate with the police agency having jurisdiction for the neighborhood of that student’s residence and request a welfare check. Concurrently, campus officials will endeavor to determine the student’s whereabouts through contact with friends, associates, faculty, and/or employers of that student. Class attendance, recitals, practices, scheduled work shifts, scheduled organizational or academic meetings will be verified. If located, verification of the student’s state of health and intention of returning to the campus is made. Where and when appropriate, a referral to Counseling Services will be made. If not located, notification will be made to the emergency contact within 24 hours of receiving the initial report. If the student is an off-campus resident, appropriate family members and emergency contacts will be encouraged to report the situation to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction. The federal Suzanne’s Law requires law enforcement to notify the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) when someone between the ages of 18 and 21 is reported missing (part of the national “Amber Alert.”)

Escorts, Transportation and Other Services

Campus Security provides escorts and several“non-security-type” services for students.

  1. Personal Escorts: During the hours of darkness or in response to a specific security situation, request a Campus Security escort by calling ext. 8372. Escorts are limited to on-campus locations. Students may use the emergency phones located in B, C, D, N and O lots or the WBC loading zone. Other phones include the emergency phones outside the main entrances to Clinton Hall, Centennial Hall, Grossmann Hall, Founders Hall, and Saginaw Haus.
  2. Medical Escorts: For medical appointments or non-emergency medical needs, Campus Security provides transportation to the Waverly Health Center.
  3. Vehicle Assistance:
  4. Campus Security offers battery booster service to start registered cars with weak or dead batteries to registered cars or bona fide visitors to the campus. This service is limited to college parking lots and city streets within two blocks of campus.
  5. For flat tires, Campus Security will temporarily inflate tires on registered vehicles so the student can drive to a business that can make permanent repair. Campus Security does not change tires.
  6. Campus Security does not perform automobile lockout services or any other mechanical repairs. Campus Security will provide phone numbers of locksmiths, towing companies, and automobile repair services upon request. Any fees or costs are the responsibility of the student.
  7. Other services:
  8. Campus Security maintains a lost-and-found repository.
  9. Campus Security performs lockout services for residence hall rooms when RAs are not on duty.
  10. Campus Security will contact Maintenance for mechanical problems in residence halls (i.e., heat, air conditioning, hot water, electricity, etc.).
  11. Campus Security stores firearms and other weapons for legitimate student use. Refer to the Weapons/Firearms information under General Hall Policies.

Wartburg Alerts

WartburgAlert is Wartburg College’s primary means of notifying the campus community of an emergency or catastrophic event that may affect their safety or welfare. Administered by E2Campus, students must enroll by going to http://info.wartburg.edu, log in, select Parking & Safety and then WartburgAlert. Students may include their email account and up to six phone numbers. It is highly recommended to register at least one phone for SMS (text) receipt — the quickest and most reliable means of receiving an emergency message.