Policy for Students Called to Active Military Duty

All administrative offices and academic departments will do their utmost to accommodate students called to active military duty while enrolled. Each case will receive individual attention to make the transition as smooth as possible.

After consultation with the student’s instructors, adviser, the registrar, and the vice president for enrollment management, the student may choose to withdraw from some or all classes, seek an “I” (Incomplete) as outlined in the catalog, or a grade (with the approval of the instructor) in any class. For incompletes, the students will discuss arrangements for completion of the course with the instructor who, in turn, will inform the Registrar’s Office in writing of the arrangements. The deadline for completion of incompletes is two calendar years after the date of return to civilian life.

Students will receive a complete refund of tuition and fees if they withdraw from all classes. If a student withdraws from some, but not all, classes, tuition will be reassessed according to full- or part-time status. If a student is enrolled in three or more course credits, full tuition charges will remain in effect. If a student is ultimately enrolled in fewer than three course credits, she/he will be charged as a part-time student, and any necessary refunds will be made. Room and board charges will be prorated according to the number of days the student is housed on campus.

If students are called to active duty, they should bring documentation of their orders to the Enrollment Management Office and follow the instructions for withdrawal, as outlined in the college catalog. Additional accommodations will be made in the process, as outlined above and as needed on an individual basis.