Culture Week

Culture Week 2017: March 19-24

Sunday, March 19
Coffee & Teas from Around the World
Vogel Library, 2nd Floor 7:00 pm
Come enjoy samples of coffee and teas from all over the globe.

Monday, March 20
International Cooking Workshop
Clinton Hall, Faculty in Residence 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Come learn how to prepare and sample some international dishes, with Ashley McHose.

Thursday, March 23
Faculty Panel: The Importance of Effective Intercultural Understanding
WBC 214 7:00 pm
Faculty members will represent their research areas within the context of intercultural understanding in order to underline what are some factors that might obstruct finding common ground, and explore strategies on how we can overcome these potential obstructions. 
Bret Billet, Professor of Political Science & Co-coordinator of International Relations
Joyce Boss, Professor of English & Co-director of Multicultural and Diversity Studies
Shaheen Munir, Professor of Psychology

Friday, March 24

Neumann Auditorium 8:00 pm
An engaging collection of performances representing the entire world right here in Waverly!  The best show of the year, not to be missed!
$5 suggested donation

Enjoy these memories from last year, and be sure and join us again this year!
Culture Week 2016

Sunday March 13
Coffee & Teas from Around the World

Saturday, March 19
Culture Show