Davis Projects for Peace Proposals

Davis United World College Scholars Program Guidelines

Award: $10,000.00 with a possible second award of $10,000 for a project (or projects) for peace.

Eligibility:  Undergraduate students (including seniors who would complete their projects after graduation) at each of the 91 Davis UWC Scholar schools.  

Wartburg College, consistent with its mission and tradition, expects students to write competitive proposals of high quality to address this opportunity. The College encourages collaboration among students to maximize the potential benefits of this opportunity to the Wartburg community and beyond. 

Application Process

  1. Click here for Application (PDF)
  2. Complete a two-page proposal.  This should be a typed Word document which describes the project (who, what, where, how) including expected outcomes and prospects for future impact. 
  3. Complete a one-page budget.  

If selected, items two and three would be forwarded to the UWC Scholars Program.  

These proposals will be submitted electronically to Dr. Dan Kittle in the Center for Community Engagement.  Dr. Kittle and Dr. Fred Waldstein will convene a selection committee of faculty, staff and students to review and rank all applications.  These recommendations will be forwarded to Dr. Edith Waldstein, the Davis UWC official at Wartburg.  The President’s Cabinet will have final review.  

The Selection Committee will utilize those three tools to evaluate applications.  In reviewing applications, the Committee will consider the following:

  • Does the project proposal have a defined purpose and demonstrate how the project contributes to “peace in the world”? 
  • Does the proposal explain what you intend to do? 
  • What is the need the project intends to address? 
  • How will the project impact all parties involved?  
    • Identified student participants (How might this project affect you and your life’s calling?) 
    • Identified partnering participants (How will this project affect your partnering participants in both the short term and long term?) 
    • Identified institutional participants including Wartburg College (How will you bring the fruits of your work “back home” to share with the Wartburg community?) 
  • Does the project demonstrate commitment, creativity, innovation and/or entrepreneurship? Your proposal should address the concept of commitment (What are you willing to invest in the project?) and at least one of the following questions: 
    • What is creative about your project? 
    • What is innovative about your project? 
    • What is entrepreneurial about your project? 
  • Does the project proposal demonstrate cultural competence defined as a set of behaviors, attitudes, and policies that allow people to work effectively in cross–cultural situations?  
  • Does the proposal demonstrate a process for cultivating cultural competence prior to the implementation of the project? 
  • Does the project proposal identify a plan for executing the project with a timeline? 
  • After you have completed your project how will you publicize it and bring its value back to the Wartburg community? 
  • Does the project proposal address the question of sustainability and the potential impact of the project over time?  
  • Does the project proposal identify objectives and outcomes that are measurable and subject to assessment? 
  • What specific criteria will you use to determine the degree to which you have accomplished what you set out to accomplish? 
  • Does the project budget demonstrate a commitment to the project and offer a realistic assessment of what it will take to complete it efficiently and effectively? 
  • Does the proposal reflect a commitment of resources beyond the funding provided by the “Davis Projects for Peace” award?

Students are required to identify faculty or staff members who can serve as mentors and/or advisors in the preparation of the proposal to the project.

To submit a proposal, email your application, including a budget, to kristin.teigtorres@wartburg.edu by Friday, January 20 at noon.

Note: As you consider potential sites for your proposed project you should keep in mind matters of personal safety for yourself and others involved. People contemplating international projects would be well advised to visit the U.S. State Department's travel website.