WRSL Resources for Faculty

WRSL Resources

- Skilled, experienced student consultants 
- Current texts on writing issues 
- Assignments and rubrics from professors 
- Grammar and usage handouts 
- Thesis handouts 
- Citation and documentation handouts

With student's permission, the consultant will send an e-mail to the instructor of the class detailing what was covered in conference

Requiring Students to Attend a WRSL Conference
You may require students to use the Writing, Reading, Speaking Lab in the syllabus for your course and for any specific writing assignment.

As proof that a student attended a conference, you may request that the WRSL send you an e-mail report of what occurred during the conference or you may require students to return a "required visit form" after a conference. These forms are kept in the lab.

For all four years of a student's attendance, a detailed report of every conference is kept in a personal file. In addition to the paper record, every conference is recorded on a computer file.

Demographic information is kept on all clients. This allows the WRSL to track such items as the number of ESL students using the lab, the number of students from various majors using our services, and the percentage of usage by upper- and under-classmen.

Nominate a Student to the WRSL
To nominate a student to become a staff member of the Writing, Reading, Speaking Lab, e-mail or call Jette Irgens (ext. 8410).