Criteria for SI Course Support

Criteria for SI Course Support

While we would like to offer SI for every course that is requested, we are unfortunately limited to how many courses we can support. To accommodate these requests, we have a set criteria that we adhere to when deciding to support a new course. This criteria includes:

  • 30 or more students enrolled in the course
  • Historically difficult course, new content and/or D/F/W rate of 30% or above
  • High percentage of first-year student enrollment
  • Required Major Course or Required Pre-Requisite
  • Faculty and Department support of SI program
  • High student attendance, 30% students attend at least once (determined in first 2 years of SI sessions)
  • Qualified SI leader recommendation (determined by faculty/department)

One thing to note: An SI Leader’s job is to help students and not necessarily to help a professor with a course that has a heavy work load or is in high demand.  Their primary job is to create opportunities for students to learn the course material through group work and creative session strategies in an informal environment.  Please keep in mind the needs of the course when considering a request for SI support.

If you are interested in requesting a SI Leader for your course, please contact the SI Supervisor, Ieshia Brown.