Mentoring Activities
Mentoring is much more than having coffee with a colleague once or twice a month.  Mentoring relationships are meant to be interactive and engaging.  Below are a number of interactive activities mentors and mentees can take part in throughout their mentoring relationship.  Mentors and mentees are encouraged to use these resources to help get to know one another and challenge each other to grow personally and professionally.

Discovering Yourself

Finding Yourself
Find Your Passion
How to Identify Your Strengths
What are Your Values?

Evaluating Partnerships

Annual Mentoring Evaluation - Mentee
Annual Mentoring Evaluation - Mentor
Final Mentoring Review
Quarterly and Semi-Annual Review

Get to Know You

Establishing Mentoring Expectations
First Meeting Agenda
Getting to Know One Another
Mentoring Agreement Form
The Self Reflective Matrix
Who I Am


Activites for Mentors
Meeting Agenda
Mentoring Worksheet
20 Ways to Thank a Mentor

Personal and Professional Development

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting