New Student Registration FAQ

Q: What's going to happen during my new student registration session at SOAR?  

The entire afternoon of your SOAR day is reserved for registration which begins with an overview of the registration tools so that you are prepared to make a great impression when you meet your academic advisor who will assist you in planning your 2017-18 academic schedule.  You will leave your SOAR day with a printed schedule for your first academic year. 

Wartburg students register for the entire academic year.  But we know that your passions will change as you encounter new adventures.  That’s why you can change your schedule within the academic deadlines without a change fee.  (The academic deadlines found at http://info.wartburg.edu/Academics/Academic-Calendar.aspx will be important after you arrive on campus for Fall Term.  In the meantime, if you need to change your schedule after SOAR, before Fall Term, you can contact anyone in the Registrar's Office or Jette Irgens in Pathways.)

Q: Do I need to declare a major before I register for classes? 
We believe that all new students are searching for their passion when they begin college.  So, you begin your college journey with an Advising Preference based on the academic interest you expressed on you SOAR application.  At SOAR, you will meet with an academic advisor to plan your schedule based on your Advising Preference.  To continue on-track for graduation in four years, all student are expected to declare their major by the end of the first term of their sophomore year. 

Q: How will my ACT scores affect which courses I will need?
If your ACT score is 19 or lower, you need to complete MA 90 and EN 111 in Fall Term and are pre-registered for those courses.  If your ACT score is 20 or higher, you will receive proficiency for MA 90 and EN 111 and can enroll in your Math Reasoning requirement and EN 112 as required for your Wartburg Plan of Essential Education.

Q: As a new student, are there any required courses that I need to take my first year, especially my first term?

  • All new students are enrolled in IS 101 which will also be your orientation group for OrangeEXCELeration.  You are placed in one of the top choices you identified on your SOAR application.
  • If your ACT score is 19 or lower, you need to complete MA 90 and EN 111 in Fall Term and are pre-registered for those courses.  During your first academic year, you should complete EN 112 and your foreign language requirement if you plan to continue in the same language you studied in high school.
  • To stay of on-track for graduation in four years, in addition to completing IS 101, MA 90, EN 111 and your foreign language requirement during your first year, you should complete the following requirements within your first two years:  IS 201, RE 101, EN 112, Scientific Reasoning requirement, CA 112 and PE 100.  These requirements are part of the Wartburg Plan of Essential Education.  To become familiar with the Plan of Essential Education, several videos are available under SOAR Resources at http://info.wartburg.edu/Pathways/SOAR.aspx.
  • Your academic advisor will identify the courses you need to support your Advising Preference.  You can also explore those requirements and other majors in the online academic catalog which is available at http://catalog.wartburg.edu/. A video is available under SOAR Resources to help you navigate the academic catalog. http://vip.wartburg.edu/catalog/guide.html  Although you will be meeting requirements under the 2017-18 academic catalog, the video features the 2015-16 academic catalog and offers the navigation tips you will need.

Q: How is my foreign language placement determined?  You were assigned a foreign language placement based on the number of years you studied a specific foreign language in high school. Students who did not study a foreign language in high school should enroll in the entrance level of any foreign language.  All students are required to take one term of a foreign language at Wartburg. Your foreign language placement is identified on the registration form you will receive at SOAR. 

The courses for foreign language placement levels are as follows:



0-1 years

FR 104

1-2 years

FR 106

2-3 years

FR 204

3-4 years

FR 206



0-1 years

GER 104

1-2 years

GER 106

2-4 years

GER 204



0-2 years

SP 104

2-3 years

SP 106

3-4 years

SP 204

Q: How many courses should I take each term at Wartburg?
4+4+1=9. Let me explain that simple math equation. To complete your degree in four years, it is recommended that you enroll in 4 course credits each Fall Term and Winter Term and 1 course credit in May Term. Thus, 9 x 4 years = 36, the minimum number of credits needed to complete a Wartburg degree.

To be a fulltime student at Wartburg requires a minimum of 3 course credits in each Fall Term and Winter Term.  As you may have noticed, the Wartburg course value is course credits, not semester hours.  While most courses are equivalent to 1 course credit, courses are also available for .5 course credit or .25 course credit.  In most instances, a .5 course credit will be offered during a first- or second- seven week session.  PE 100 and COM 112 are examples of courses offered during seven week sessions for a .5 course credit each. 

Q: How will I know what courses are available?
You can always view the courses for each term online through Coarse Search or Course Finder on My Wartburg.  At SOAR, you will receive a schedule book that identifies the available courses and those recommended for new students. Before SOAR, we recommend that you create a list of classes that interest you, but don't actually plan a specific schedule. Your academic advisor will be your guide as you take your first steps on your academic journey. 

Q: How will I decide what courses to take?
You will need a mixture of courses to fulfill requirements for 1) the essential education program, 2) your major, and 3) general electives.  Some departments have determined a schedule of classes new students will need to take their first year.  You may be pre-registered for those course or your academic advisor will let you know which courses they recommend.  Plus, there is always room to add general electives from a variety of courses. 

Q: I took AP courses in high school.  Will I receive college credit for those courses?
If you took both the AP course and the exam, you can receive degree credit upon submission of the exam scores appropriate for the equivalent Wartburg course or requirement.  The Advanced Placement scores and the Wartburg equivalents are available online at


Contact The College Board to request that your exam scores be sent to the Registrar’s Office at Wartburg.  If you already identified Wartburg as a recipient of your scores when you took the exam, we expect to receive the scores in July and notify you of the credits a few weeks later.  Check your Wartburg email regularly so that you don’t miss that notification. 

Q: I earned college credit.  What should I do to confirm that my previous coursework and the credits earned are applied toward my Wartburg degree?
If you identified transfer coursework in your SOAR application, your academic advisor should have that information to discuss with you at SOAR.  However, you will need to request that an official transcript be sent to Wartburg from the other college that issued the credits for previous college coursework.  After reviewing your transcripts, the Registrar’s Office will send you an email identifying how the courses have transferred toward your Wartburg degree.