Vocation Programs

Since Wartburg is committed to helping individuals discover and claim their callings, the institution provides a number of opportunities to explore vocation.  We recommend students, staff, and faculty take advantage of the various opportunities here at Wartburg to further explore their calling(s).  Below is a list of some of the programs that emphasize vocational exploration.  The opportunities listed below are just a few of the programs Wartburg has to offer.  Almost any program or organization on campus can provide individuals an opportunity to explore their calling, but these programs have vocational exploration embedded within them.

Exploring Me Retreats

Exploring Me Retreats are vocational retreats that provide students with an opportunity to take a night away from campus and explore some of the big questions on their minds.  Not only do these retreats provide students with an opportunity to explore some of their big questions, but they also provide a chance to meet new people and spend some much needed time away from busy campus life.  Exploring Me Retreats are sponsored by the Pathways Center and Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry, and are free for students to attend and participate in.

For more information on these retreats, contact TJ Warren at torrence.warren@wartburg.edu.

Faculty Mentoring Program

Full-time faculty members that wish to be reappointed, promoted, or have their contract renewed must prepare a Professional Portfolio that documents their performance and professional goals.  Therefore, full-time faculty members have the option of having a mentor that will provide support, guidance, and feedback preparing their portfolio.  This particular program is specifically designed for faculty and participation is optional.  In addition to helping full-time faculty develop their professional documentation, a mentor in this program can also offer general support and guidance in his or her professional development and vocation as a teacher, scholar, and faculty citizen.

For more information on this program, faculty members should contact the chair of their department or the Dean of the Faculty’s office.

igKnight Mentoring Program

The igKnight Mentoring Program, formerly known as the College Achievement Program, is a peer mentoring program for Wartburg students.  igKnight focuses on the concept of mentoring (intentional one-on-one relationships that foster growth in individuals) students wherever they are in their college experience.  Although a majority of the program focuses on mentoring first-year students on college success, anyone can join the program at any point and be assigned an igKnight Mentor.  igKnight Mentors are trained to assist students with their academic, personal, and professional goals and are incredibly beneficial to students when it comes to vocational exploration.  Additionally, participants (both mentors and mentees) experience the benefits of a true mentoring relationship so that they continue being mentored and give back as a mentor themselves in the future.

For information on this program, contact TJ Warren at torrence.warren@wartburg.edu.

Orange Connection

The Orange Connection program is career mentoring program for current students.  Each spring, 15 students travel to Des Moines and 15 students travel to Chicago to connect and/or “shadow” with Wartburg alumni who have specific knowledge and experience about an occupation or career that the student is interested in.  Students are allowed to ask questions, learn about certain occupations, and network with alums in their respective areas while experiencing the everyday life of a full-time professional.  In addition to their “shadow” experience, students learn how to navigate city transportation, develop professional documents (resumes and applications), and experience some of the attractions unique to the respective cities.  This opportunity also allows current students and alumni to share their own unique Wartburg stories with one another.

For more information on this program, visit www.wartburg.edu/oc or contact TJ Warren at torrence.warren@wartburg.edu.

Staff Mentoring Program

The Staff Mentoring Program is a one-on-one mentoring program designed to partner experienced staff members with new staff members in an effort to help introduce newcomers to Wartburg College and assist with their transition into their new role and the campus culture.  These relationships provide opportunities for ongoing dialogue about the institution, as well as a safe space to discuss one’s personal and professional goals.  Vocational exploration is heavily emphasized throughout this year-long program.  The Staff Mentoring Program is administered by Human Resources & Payroll and the Pathways Center.

For more information on this program, contact TJ Warren at torrence.warren@wartburg.edu.

Vocation Presenters

Each fall and winter term, Human Resources & Payroll and the Pathways Center partner together to bring a speaker to campus that focuses not only on professional development topics, but also vocation.  These speakers typically offer two programs per visit—one for students and one for faculty and staff.  Presenters are different every year, but many of them have provided a thoughtful, engaging message related to individuals’ callings.

For more information on our presenters or suggestions on who to bring to campus, contact TJ Warren at torrence.warren@wartburg.edu.