Sustainability Events

During the year the Sustainability office hosts or supports multiple events to inform, teach and excite our community about leading a sustainable life. There are many things to get involved and show your support whether it be by going through the Be Green Certification or by simply using the OrangeMove resources as you move in and out of your residence hall room.


During February and March over 600 colleges and universities across the country will compete against each other with their waste management skills. Who can collect the largest amount of recyclables, dispose the least amount of trash or have the highest recycling rate?

In 2012 Wartburg College won $2,500 for improving the most on our paper recycling from the beginning to the end.

The competition will run eight weeks from Sunday, February 5th to Saturday, March 31st. Everyone on campus can have an impact on our ranking in the competition as we are measuring the trash and recycling across campus. The less you throw away and the more you recycle the better we will do. Being our first year participating we feel really confident will rank high.

How we are competing: As a campus we will be measuring our trash and recyclables weekly and reporting them. We will get weekly updates on ranking and report those back to you as soon as possible. The final results for the overall winner will be released mid April. There are three major competition areas in which we are participating:

Waste minimization: Schools compete to see which produces the least amount of municipal solid waste (both recyclables and trash) per person. This competition is intended to reward those schools that generate the least amount of combined waste and recyclables, emphasizing reuse and source reduction over recycling.

Per Capita Classic: Schools compete to see which can collect the largest combined amount of paper, cardboard and bottles and cans per person. The Per Capita Classic is the original RecycleMania competition.

Targeted Materials: In addition to the primary competitions, schools may compete in targeted material categories. Wartburg has chosen to participate in Paper, Corrugated Cardboard, and Bottles and Cans. Other Iowa colleges participating have include Loras College, Mount Mercy University and Grinnell College. Iowa, Iowa State, Simpson, and Upper Iowa are also participating but not in the competition division. If you have any questions or want to volunteer please contact the Sustainability office at sustainability@wartburg.edu.

Move-in and move-out days create large amounts of unnecessary waste for colleges across the country. OrangeMove is a program that educates students on how to move-in and out of their college residential hall sustainably. Whether you are on your way in or out these helpful tips will help you to be more green.

  • Wrap breakables in clothing or used newspaper instead of bubble wrap. This will help reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste that is created on move in days.
  • Pack your belongings in reusable bags, totes, or previously used boxes. At move out time the bookstore provides some very strong boxes for student use.


Prior to returning to campus in the fall, Wartburg students are educated on how to move into their residential halls sustainably. During move-in days volunteers reduce the amount of space cardboard takes up in the cardboard recycling areas by cutting down boxes. Other Move-in tips include:
  • Looking for the energy star label when purchasing appliances. These appliances have been certified by the US government to have superior energy efficiency.
  • Talk to your roommate(s). For items that can be shared between your room or suite, save yourself money and space and only bring one.
  • Bring a plant! Plants not only make your room or suite feel more like home, they also keep the air fresh.
  • Pack reusable containers and utensils. Bring a reusable water bottle or coffee mug to use around campus. Discounts are offered at Wartburg Dining locations for students who bring their own container!
  • When you are finished unpacking make sure to break down your boxes and place them in a “cardboard only” dumpster.


Donation stations are located in each residential hall’s lounge the last week of winter semester and May term. Students can donate unwanted, gently used items from their room by placing items in designated areas within each lounge. At the end of the week, volunteers pick-up and deliver collected items from the residential halls to local thrift stores. Items that students cannot donate can be recycled at each residential hall’s recycling station.