ELCA Sustainability

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The ELCA says it has a moral imperative to seek a sufficient, sustainable livelihood for all. They understand that the US has been blessed but with this privilege comes responsibility so they actively support issues of environmental sustainability and social justice. 

ELCA statement on Environment: Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice 

Christian concern for the environment is shaped by the Word of God spoken in creation, the Love of God hanging on a cross, the Breath of God daily renewing the face of the earth.

We of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are deeply concerned about the environment, locally and globally, as members of this church and as members of society. Even as we join the political, economic, and scientific discussion, we know care for the earth to be a profoundly spiritual matter.

As Lutheran Christians, we confess that both our witness to God's goodness in creation and our acceptance of caregiving responsibility have often been weak and uncertain. This statement:

  • offers a vision of God's intention for creation and for humanity as creation's caregivers;
  • acknowledges humanity's separation from God and from the rest of creation as the central cause of the environmental crisis;
  • recognizes the severity of the crisis; and
  • expresses hope and heeds the call to justice and commitment.

This statement summons us, in particular, to a faithful return to the biblical vision. 

See the full statement online.