Student Special Request Forms


Change of Address - Have you or your parents moved? Fill out this form so information is sent to the correct address.

Change of Advisor - Students who have changed majors or advisors should submit this form.
Declaration of Major/Minor - Students must declare their major(s)/minor(s) by the second semester of their sophomore year.
Diploma Application - All students must apply for a diploma before they graduate.
Graduation Agreement - All graduating seniors must complete this form.
Individualized Major - The individualized major is designed by a student in consultation with the academic adviser. This major represents a coherent grouping of courses pertinent to the student’s educational goals. Individualized majors must be significantly different (at least four course credits) from majors currently available at Wartburg College.
Interdepartmental Major - An Interdepartmental Major combines a program of course work in a maximum of three departments. It usually consists of 13 to 15 courses, with a maximum of 20. No more than 11 courses may be from one department.
May Term Abroad Application - All students who wish to travel abroad during May Term need to complete this form and return it to the May Term course professor.

Request to Earn Credit at Another Institution - If a student takes summer, night, or other classes from another college/university, they must fill out this form to receive credit.

Variance from Academic Policies - These forms allow students to request that various academic policies be waived due to special circumstances. Each request is reviewed on its own merits.
Wartburg West Application Forms - Wartburg West is a metropolitan experience in Denver, Colorado. Click here for the application, internship learning contracts and recommendation forms.


Arranged Study Contract - Arranged studies are courses from the Wartburg catalog that students contract to take individually due to the need to complete a required course that is not offered before the student’s projected graduation date. If approved, the Arranged Study Contract serves as the agreement between the student and the faculty sponsor.  A fee is charged.
Course Substitution Approval - Submitted to the Registrar to request course substitutions for specific degree requirements.
EN112 Exemption - A student applying for exemption from EN 112 must meet the criteria outlined on this form.
Field Experience Learning Contract - This form outlines the field experience between the student, department, and site supervisor.
Incomplete Grade Request - I (incomplete) means students have postponed required work with prior consent of the instructor(s) and for reasons beyond their control: physical or emotional conditions precluding timely progress in or completion of courses as confirmed by appropriate professionals or catastrophic exigency affecting students’ families.

Independent Study Learning Contract - Independent studies are similar to arranged studies. However, these are courses which are not in the Wartburg catalog. Typically, independent studies develop when a student wants to continue with study beyond college course offerings. The independent study also allows students and professors to individualize a course.

Registration Form 2017-18 - All continuing students who need to register onsite for classes must complete this form.
Registration Form 2017 (Summer) - All students who wish to register for summer classes must complete this form.