Email Policies
General Policies for Campus Emails and Announcements

The Information Center and The Juice are the preferred venues for singular announcements, calendar items, and other non-urgent information of interest to the campus community. News, events, internships and job announcements, and other campuswide notices can be submitted for inclusion in The Juice e-newsletter sent to faculty, staff and students.

The Juice is sent Monday (Thursday deadline at 4:30 p.m.). Most announcements will run twice, but will continue to be available in the Information Center. Send items to juice@wartburg.edu. Direct questions or comments to stephanie.boeding@wartburg.edu

Sending messages for events, seminars, or other similar programs are great candidates for inclusion in The Juice, rather than being sent as broadcast emails. Otherwise, departments should develop specific email lists of those who have demonstrated interest in such programs. 

Events can be posted on the college calendar and requests to add items on the homepage can be sent to webmaster@wartburg.edu.  To submit new events to the calendar, contact your office coordinator or e-mail your event request to calendar@wartburg.edu.

Announcements can also be posted on department websites, social media, or, if newsworthy, can be submitted to emily.christensen@wartburg.edu for campus- and community-wide distribution.

Special Broadcast Email
Generally speaking, broadcast email is appropriate for messages that:

  • relate to changes in campus policy or time sensitive issues.
  • inform a select group of people (e.g. faculty, staff, students, etc.) of an announcement or event related to their specific role within the college.

Announcements not meeting these criteria of urgency and/or critical college information should seek other methods of relaying their information, such as:

The following checklist outlines criteria for sending a broadcast email:

  • A broadcast message should be brief, self-explanatory, clear, and concise, and should only be used for important messages relevant to all recipients.
  • Avoid sending attachments, which take up more disk space and degrade server performance. A link to a website (URL) or a document sharing solution is preferred. If it is necessary to send attachments, the total message size should be under 5 MB.
  • Avoid sending frequent or repeated messages. Weekly, monthly, or quarterly electronic newsletters are preferred.
  • Send collaborative messages with others at the college to avoid redundancy.
  • Broadcast email should NOT be used for: 
    • Commercial advertising for merchants or service providers external to the college, except for notices of services and discounts arranged for members of the college community by the college.
    • Solicitations for contributions, charities, or participation in personal activities not related to college purposes or not sponsored by the college.
    • Solicitations for non-college businesses operated by faculty or staff.
    • Surveys or solicitations to members of the community selected on demographic characteristics,such as to selected groups or individuals identified as candidates for research subjects.
    • Targeted audiences that might appear discriminatory or may appear to be infringement on privacy.
    • Offensive material.