Wartburg West Costs
The Wartburg West program fee is $250. Financial aid applies to Wartburg West expenses in the same manner as a term on campus. For information about food and transportation costs, click here.
Wartburg West Programs

Sophomore Experience
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Third- and Fourth-Year Fall / Winter Program
The Fall or Winter Term program allows students to earn a full term of academic credit in one of two ways:

1. Complete an internship in your major field for two course credits and take two additional one-credit courses that satisfy Wartburg Plan requirements. You will work at your internship three days per week. On the other two weekdays, you will take ID 360: The Metropolis for one credit and and another one credit course which satisfies Wartburg plan requirements.

2. Do your student teaching or senior social work field experience through Wartburg West. In addition to the credits you earn for satisfying your practicum requirement, which involves a full-time placement in a teaching or social work setting, you will earn an additional 1/2 course credit by taking LS 260 Urban Lifestyles. The class is part of all students' Wartburg West requirements and usually meets once per week in the evening.

Summer Internship Program 
Wartburg West accepts applications from students who would like a summer internship in the urban setting of Denver and have completed their third or fourth year of study at Wartburg. Internships are arranged and supervised by the Wartburg West directors, and students are required to live in the college-owned housing in Denver.

It is possible for these summer internships to begin during May Term, depending on the availability of apartment space. Otherwise, summer internships begin the first full week of June and finish the end of July (8 weeks).

Students may apply for either one or two credits for summer internships, depending on the number of hours involved in the internship and the tuition charge. Internships may be part-time or full-time. The minimum number of work hours is 140 hours per credit; HOWEVER, DUE TO THE SHORT TIME PERIOD FOR SUMMER, ALL SUMMER STUDENTS MUST COMMIT TO WORKING A MINIMUM OF 3 DAYS PER WEEK REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF CREDITS EARNED. Tuition is paid at the summer school rate, which is lower than the rate during the academic year.

Wartburg West directors cannot guarantee a paid internship and will not seek out internships on the basis of compensation. Many of the best placements are unpaid. Summer students may take part-time jobs to earn extra money for living expenses.

The Wartburg West program fee is $100. Financial aid applies to Wartburg West expenses in the same manner as a term on campus.

Application Process

Rolling enrollment 
Applications will be accepted in hard copy only between Sept. 9 and Feb. 19 for third- and fourth-year students. The sophomore program deadline is March 9.  Please hand deliver all complete application materials to Jo Dorrance, Wartburg West Campus Liaison, Student Life #184.  No incomplete application packets will be accepted.  If more than 20 students apply for any given term, a wait list will be created in case of attrition.

Application Packet - Return all documents to the Center for Community Engagement

Applications will be reviewed every week and students will be notified whether they are accepted into the program.  Upon acceptance, all students will be asked to sign a commitment form. At that time the program fee will be charged to their student account.

Summer applicants must have third year status before they arrive in Denver.

When should I start planning for Wartburg West?
This depends a lot on your major. Some majors require more advance planning than others. Talk to your adviser as soon as you start thinking about Wartburg West. Many students start planning to participate in Wartburg West during their first year.

Participation Requirements
You must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, overall and in your major. Sophomore program participants must have a GPA of 3.0 for their fall semester.