About Study Abroad Alums

About Study Abroad Alums

This organization is for students who have returned from studying abroad. Study Abroad students have stories to tell about our time abroad.

Returned students may have frustrations, reverse culture shock, and "home" sickness that people who haven't traveled can't understand. Sojourners is a group where students can gather to find resolution to issues and have some fun as well! Activities vary, depending on what the members decide they want to do.

In the past the group has had Friday Afternoon Cafe's, Sunday night suppers with Study Abroad picking up the tab, a Christmas party, and other activities. In addition, Sojourners help with information sessions and orientation for students who are interested in a study abroad experience. The Study Abroad office in WBC 118 now has a Study Abroad Alum Corner. More information regarding this spot will be released soon.

Ask Sojourners why Study Abroad at Wartburg is for you!

Study Abroad Alums

Saeed Halim
Rachel Pape 

Michelle Johnson

Czech Republic
Sarah Mirs

Amanda Guertler

Amy Isvik 

Allison Maybe

Marisa Falco
Ariana Gremmels Olson

Riley Anderson
Madelyn Carlson
Molly Astarita
Ben Coleman
Sophia Jones
Alexa Schmitz
Quotes From Participants
I truly have come to believe that studying abroad is one of the best experiences you could have in college. The Service Learning of the Diers Program is  impactful both personally and professionally.

Through the program I'm able to take all of the skills and components we learn about in class and apply them directly to people I work with. It's like taking all you've learned in education thus far and then getting out in the world and doing it! I work with families,  children, and adults of all different cultures and backgrounds  and help provide services that they  are very much  in need of.  I interact with people from all over the world (immigrants, refugees) on almost a daily  basis and am able to help make the little differences in their lives that really matter.

Adelaide, Australia
Kayla Lonneman '17 Social Work